The Cover of LIFE
by Wimberley Players

Sep. 11 - Oct. 04

Three sisters are all brides to one of the Cliffert Brothers. Set in rural Louisiana in 1943, the Cliffert Brothers are off to war, and the women take care of their home while the war treks on. Henry Luce, the head of Life Magazine, is fascinated by this story and he sends reporter Kate Miller to get the story on their cover. Kate views covering a, “Women’s piece”, as a career set-back, but does it anyway as it is her first cover story. Throughout the play, the women grow to understand each other, their sense of powerlessness in a world dominated by men, and learn a thing or two about their own self-worth.


Written by R.T. Robinson, this drama set in World War II will warm your heart and make you want to hug those closest to you. It runs on Weekends from September 11th to October 4th, 2020.

Directed by Tracy Arnold.

The Cover of LIFE
by R.T. Robinson
Wimberley Players

September 11 - October 04, 2020
Wimberley Playhouse
450 Old Kyle Road
Wimberley, TX, 78676

More forthcoming from Wimberley Players (October 8, 2019)