Two Gentlemen of Verona
by Austin Shakespeare Youth Troupe

Jun. 19 - Jun. 28

Daring rescues, true identity reveals, and final reconciliations make this one of Shakespeare’s most fun and lively comedies. Also seeking rock lead guitar, and drums.  Some rock music will be sung, incorporated into the show!

The two "gentlemen" of the title are Proteus and Valentine. Valentine travels to Milan, where he falls in love with Silvia, daughter of the Duke. Proteus, meanwhile, remains in Verona, pledged to faithfulness to his beloved Julia. When Proteus travels to Milan, however, he too falls in love with Silvia and proceeds to undermine his friend by denouncing him to the Duke. Valentine is banished to the forest, where he joins a band of thieves. Julia arrives in Milan disguised as a page and joins herself to the unsuspecting Proteus. 

Two Gentlemen of Verona
by William Shakespeare
Austin Shakespeare Youth Troupe

June 19 - June 28, 2020
The Curtain Theatre
7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr.
Austin, TX, 78730

More forthcoming from Austin Shakesepeare. (February 25, 2020)