Anna Catherine Iff
by City Theatre Company

Feb. 12 - Mar. 01


When Henry begins restoring an old abandoned house, his worldview is shaken by the arrival of the ghost of Anna Catherine, a Mormon pioneer.  Questioning her presence, and his own sanity, his search for answers leads him straight into the world of her living descendants and a romance that will forever change his life. As the story weaves through time and generations, Henry becomes the unwitting catalyst for healing, change, and love, mending broken ties between the present and the past. This world premiere production of Rod Mechem’s play, transport a magical story through time and space, creating an imaginative, engaging evening of theatrical storytelling.

Directed by the playwright.


Anna Catherine Iff
by Rod Mechem
City Theatre Company

February 12 - March 01, 2020
Picturebox Studios
701 Tillery Street
Suite A-9
Austin, TX, 78702

Show dates February 12 – March 1, 2020. More forthcoming from City Theatre Company. (December 10, 2019)