Catalina de Erauso
by Paper Chairs

Sep. 08 - Sep. 24

Here we are in the Spanish Golden Age (close your eyes: beautiful music plays… now open them…)

Lights up on our protagonist, Catalina de Erauso - a nun and only fourteen! - who BREAKS out of a convent and wreaks havoc on the world disguised as a man. Our derelict Don Quixote satisfies her own hedonistic appetites – and why not? In the Age of the Spanish Gold (beautiful music plays again) women have three fates: motherhood, the convent or the brothel.  NOT CATALINA. Our star embraces her ambiguous sexual identity and revolts against these dead-end gender roles.

This original spectacle written by Elizabeth Doss, based on an actual 16th century autobiography, brings Catalina’s brazen tone and commedia-like boisterousness back from the past through an anachronistic quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of… who knows? And even after a life of chasing war and women, Catalina's transgressions (including the murder of her own brother) are miraculously [  _____________CENSORED DUE TO GOVERNMENT CONCERN************]

So who was Catalina? A wayward nun? A bloodthirsty Conquistador? An overlooked revolutionary? Hell on hooves?  A woman? A man? Catalina will not be defined. Catalina breaks every rule to smithereens. So paper chairs has ripped her/him/they from the pages of history and is bringing this mayhem to a theatre near you.

This big Big BIG SHOW will feature an ensemble of 10 performers, and its artistic team is led by paper chairs’ core collaborators, including a creative reunion with paper chairs’ former Artistic Director and co-founder Dustin Wills (website plug:, who is a Princess Grace Award-winner and director - currently gainfully employed in New York City, though dying for a great reason to come HOME. 

In Dustin’s own words:  "Catalina is what paper chairs does best: It’s new! It’s peculiar. It’s adventurous. It’s gigantic intimate. It’s a lot of history right now and also next week but really a few generations past and long ago. It’s got music. And Lisa Laratta. And surprise. And isn’t afraid of its shadow. It’s theatre, it must be, it couldn’t be anything else – it’s live! and needs living breathing humans to inhale it and hold it in a little long, so that you keep what you need and release what you don’t. It’s us... PS. So excited to come back to Austin!!!"

At paper chairs, we believe in making theatre as a collaborative process, supporting local playwrights, and exploring new work.  

We believe that live performance connects us to each other, crossing the lines of artist and audience to create community.
And THAT is important, now more than ever. 

Catalina de Erauso - Artistic Team:
Playwright - Elizabeth Doss
Director - Dustin Wills
Dramaturg - Diana Lynn Small
Scenic Designer - Lisa Laratta 
Produced by paper chairs

Catalina de Erauso
by Elizabeth Doss
Paper Chairs

September 08 - September 24, 2017
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

Dates approximate. Announced as 'three weekends in September, 217' More info forthcoming from (March 1, 2017)