The Stalker
by Emily Kathleen

Jul. 31 - Aug. 14

The play is a 1 act play about a women in her 20s who was stalked for years then killed by her abuser. She is in heaven talking to her angel about why it happened. It's meant to raise awareness to stalking and how those in the community can help a victim of stalking and prevent it from happening to themselves. 

Now casting "THE STALKER" a one act play directed and written by Emily Kathleen. 

Role THE ANGEL age range 20s to 60s any gender and race. The role is more about being an ANGEL being supportive to EMILY when she dies. 

Rehearsal is in person at st lukes church on the lake near West lake. We will start rehearsal 2 days a week in the day time for 3 hours a day starting end of September. We Will rehearse once a week 2 to 3 hours for 3 months, We will record the show end of January 2023 for virtual release.  We ask that if you commit to the show that you stick to the one day a week rehearsal so that way we know your committed. 
The show will be virtual meaning we will rehearse and record the show on a LIVE STAGE and release the show as a virtual release. 
Pay is a copy of the show for your reel. No pay due to this being a collaboration. 
Email head shots resumes and reels to